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We are grateful to all members of Virginia Beverage Association who attended The 2019 VBA Annual Meeting and “Day on the Hill.” This year’s event, held on January 23rd, enjoyed the presence of all member companies, who provided bodies to storm Capitol Hill and the General Assembly Building to lobby on issues such as: HJ 39, which sought to establish ballot referendum and initiatives in Virginia and to support HB 1276 and SB 504, seeking to allow Virginia to participate in a federal pilot program to gauge the efficacy of allowing heavier trucks to operate on interstate highways.


While we are fortunate not to see as many state level bottle bills, SNAP restrictions, soda taxes, onerous environmental regulations, or other high-threat level legislation as we have in the past, the VBA Board of Directors was able to have a good conversation about how to best position the VBA to address these critical issues in the future. An emphasis on engaging our employees at all levels of operations was a key tenet of the discussions and we look forward to sharing more with you about these endeavors in the coming months.


We want to take another opportunity to thank Senator Jeremy McPike for serving as our Keynote Speaker. Many of you remarked how much you enjoyed interacting with Senator McPike and we certainly appreciate his willingness to speak to the group and especially for his support of the beverage industry.